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I trust that everyone enjoyed their Valentine’s, Gal-entine’s or Pal-entines day/weekend. Whether you were spending it with your past gal pals or the love of your life I hope you had an amazing time.
Valentine’s Day is one of those special nights that many restaurants go all out for. They usually offer a special menu, a rose for the ladies, or some sort of special ambiance to draw a swooning couple in… Don’t worry there was nothing over the top or cliché about the local restaurants we went to.

What was your favorite part about Valentine’s Day or what did you like or not like about the restaurant you went to?? Please share.

Here is my weekend in review:
I was lucky enough to wake up to a snow day on Friday so I was extremely happy that my weekend could start early!!!

I was blissfully surprised when I walked downstairs to the table set and a beautiful brunch waiting for me! The Hubs sure knows how to treat his lady right! 🙂

He had mimosas, chocolate covered strawberries, and white roses (my favorite) set out on the table! He dazzled me with my favorite Eggs Benedict and hash browns with onions and peppers! So good! I think I may keep him for awhile








Valentines night, we decided to keep it low key… but we did go to one of our favorite bars. Newberry’s Yard of Ale. The hubs had been patiently waiting and craving their newest beer on tap and a very scrumptious beer we have been on the hunt to find for many months. Finally, Duclaw Sweet Baby Jesus beer is on tap at Newberry’s Yard of Ale! This beer is lightly sweet and Jesus it’s insanely tasty! After your first sip, you will definitely want to EXCLAIM its NAME!!! Sweet Baby Jesus!!! It is a dark, rich, chocolate peanut butter porter that finishes smooth with hints of espresso, peanut butter, and roasty notes of chocolate. AMAZING!

We sat at the bar and got one of the many friendly and talented bartenders. We ordered off of their special Valentines Lovers Menu and listened to the smooth and soulful vocals of musician Regina Sayles. Check out her website to see where she is playing next in the area and to hear how talented she is! You can also check out a feature article on Regina Sayles through Local Flair Magazine online. Local Flair Magazine is a premier lifestyle magazine of the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Check out Local Flairs website to see all the happening in our area by clicking here!

There was a great crowd and an awesome atmosphere. I went with three blackened to perfection Jumbo sea scallops over arugula, wild mushrooms, and grilled asparagus.




For desert we ordered chocolate cream stuffed zeppolis and a traditional Irish coffee that was made with homemade whip cream. The fresh and fluffy cream was whipped up by our very talented bartender Gary. It was a perfect way to end the night!



Until Next Time,
the tasti life

Recently the Hubs and I took a weekend trip to one of my favorite places on Earth. New York City… For some reason being in the city always makes me feel alive! It also makes me very nostalgic for my college days and all the years I spent living on the Upper East Side. Now, let me tell you that you could always find a good little restaurant and the Upper East Side was filled with many of my favorites! I could go on and on about that, but I will save that for another time.
This weekend getaway was filled with your typical tourists visits. We stayed at the outstanding Hilton Millennium Hotel at Ground Zero (we had breathtaking views from our room). Visited the heart wrenchingly beautiful Ground Zero 9/11 Memorial. Ate lunch at the delicious and reasonably priced Umberto’s in Little Italy. Stopped in Ferrara’s for a sweet treat and a double espresso. Then we traveled up to Time Square to see Rock of Ages which definitely brought you back into an era of big hair, loud music, and many fashion dos and donts.
The trip was an all around success! I really wish I could stay forever. I did became a bit melancholy as we were packing our things to leave, but as we were driving through the tunnel I realized there is NO place like HOME!














Until Next Time

Last week the Hubs and I got in the car to drive down to Ocean City Maryland for a beautiful beach themed wedding. Since we were traveling we decided to make it a mini vacation. We spent a couple days in OCMD and it just so happened we were there for the DewTour this extreme sports tour has everything from BMX’ing to surfing and is sponsored by Mountain Dew. It was a lot of fun to watch the athletes compete and do some amazing tricks! We also, had some great 11:00 am cocktails at hey don’t judge we were on vacation! Shenanigan’s Irish Pub & Grille as we people watched on the boardwalk and listened to the waves hit the shore.

After being a beach bum in Ocean City, MD. We took a short drive to Assateague Island, Maryland. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE everything about Assateague, and as a little girl we had plenty of vacations to Chincoteague Island in Virginia. Love, love, LOVE that place. While we were there I was on a mission to spot the wild ponies!!! They are so beautiful and it is amazing to see! I definitely recommend this vacation/sightseeing spot!

After, I got to see the wild ponies, we jumped back into the car and started to make the trip to Delawares, Dewey Beach. We hit the beach for the day and enjoyed the sun, sand, and fresh salty air, and then at night we hit up The Rusty Rudder for some dancing and drinks! We had a great time, and it just so happened that we had some friends vacationing there at the same time so we all got to enjoy each others company!

The next day, and to end our mini vacation before heading home we decided to head to the Cape May- Lewes Ferry and take a trip into Cape May for lunch to eat at one of my favorite places… The Lobster House, at Fisherman’s Wharf at Cape May Harbor!! 🙂 Oh My GOODNESS! The food there is ALWAYS amazing and delicious!

We started out with some warm homemade everything bread with butter. Then for an appetizer we ordered the fried calamari. Next, the Hubs ordered the broiled sea scallops and I had the broiled soft-shell crab. Both the scallops and crab were broiled in a lemon, garlic, parsley butter sauce and they were OUT OF THIS WORLD DELISH!

We had such a great time just driving and winging this mini vacation. We had no plans or agenda, we just relaxed and rolled with the flow and had an amazing time and a mini adventure!

















Until next time,
the tasti life

This week I think has been a record for the hubs and I. He hasn’t had to travel for work and I have been a good housewife and cooked us dinner every night of the week so far!! WOW! That is impressive for me!!!! I think if anyone who really knows me may drop dead from this information, but yes it is true. I even opted out of a “let’s do happy hour” request. What the hell is wrong with me??!!?
Anyway, fresh lemons and sunny weather was my inspiration for this dinner. And of course scallops!!!! YUM!
Crisp thirst quenching lemon water helped wash everything down.

I started out with jumbo scallops and mixed them in olive oil, fresh squeezed lemon, oregano, thyme, parsley, garlic, and a dash of pepper. Then I made a tinfoil pocket to place on the girl so all the juices and flavors soaked in.

I also made couscous and threw some chicken sausage on the grill for the hubs.
The meal prep and cook time took about 20 minutes. And it was delish!!!

Manga manga! ❤


the tasti life

Tonight the Hubs and I went to Newberry’s Yards of Ale located on Main Street in Stroudsburg to meet up for Happy Hour with the Pocono’s Young Professionals Group. There was a nice show of people from engineers to financial advisors to teachers and nurses and everything in between!! It was nice to meet new people and mingle with others at this Irish pub inspired bar that offers a wide variety of micro brews and craft beers (many on the more hoppy end). Tonight I opted for a crisp glass or 2 of Pinot Grigio. Delish!
After mingling and talking to other fellow fur parents. (Yes, we showed pictures and videos of our fur babies and are planning on a doggy play date… Don’t judge!) okay who am I kidding, judge away- ain’t nobody got time for that!
We decided to take a look at the menu and order some dinner.
I went with the grilled chicken salad with bacon, avocado, and gouda. The Hubs went with a BBQ chicken and bacon personalized pizza. Both were scrumptious!


The pizza was so delicious, I couldn’t get a picture in before the Hubs ate a slice!!!

After eating we explored the two levels that Newberry’s Yards of Ale has to offer. Like a cool basement hangout game room.


We also checked out the classic cigar smoking lounge, which I absolutely loved!!!!




We had a lot of fun. Too bad there wasn’t a ping pong table or we would have been there forever!
I love how Yards of Ale has an outside dinning space and an open airy feeling with the wall to ceiling sliding glass doors.



On the way out the sky turned gray and a storm was starting to roll in. Perfect cuddle weather!!! 😉



Good night and until next time
the tasti life

I’d like to think of myself as a good cook. The hubs and I are also trying to eat more at home and make some use out of our new kitchen. (Don’t worry we still go out at LEAST 2x per week- and we do have a night out planned for Thursday). With that said last week I decided to play housewife and prepare a home cooked meal that I knew the hubs would LOVE.
I started with a loin of pork that was seasoned with honey, cinnamon, and a hint of hot sauce for a little kick.
Next, I cut up 3 large apples and added a touch of cinnamon sugar.
After that, I threw that baby in the oven.
While the pork was baking, I decided to whip up some homemade mashed potatoes. I used red skinned potatoes, crushed garlic cloves, real unsalted butter, organic milk, and of course CHEESE!!! The whole meal prep and cooking time took a whopping 45min. and the results were delicious!





I love experimenting with food and this dinner turned out great, but I am sure the next time I make it- it will turn out differently. Who needs recipes! 😛

the tasti life

Well this is the married life. While the hubs is away the wine comes out to play!
When all else fails and there is no one around to bug. I did exactly what a good housewife would do. Turn on The Style network and flip flop back and forth from E to Style. Then go searching in my growing collection for the perfect bottle of wine.
Here was my wine-o adventure before I found the perfect spot on the couch with the remote in hand! take that hubs!! All the glorious fashion and trash TV I can handle and a delish glass or bottle of Gascon Malbec from Argentina voted #1 in The Wall Street Journal.








Bottoms UP!!!

the tasti life

Hello out there my fellow food loving readers and bloggers. I apologize for not blogging in awhile. But don’t you worry while I was absent in the blogging world I didn’t go hungry in the real world. just because I wasn’t blogging doesn’t mean I wasn’t eating
This post is from a dinner I made a couple weeks ago and I was inspired by looking through a take out menu.

Take out is always fun and relaxing. But recently I have been feeling more a bit domesticated and decided to do my own take on Asian. Yes, I cooked and pigs didn’t go flying around like the hubs said they would.
I would have to say Asian and Asian fusion type restaurants are the hubs favorite so when I told him we were having Chinese for dinner he was very excited until he saw me take out the pots and pans.
I would like to say that cooking a take out inspired dinner was a delectable decision.







Until next time,
the tasti life

The PourHouse is a rustic, laid-back neighborhood bar and grille located in Mountainhome, PA. It offers a family friendly atmosphere and is a great place to catch up with friends at the bar for a drink. I love how the atmosphere has a rustic and gritty charm from the antlers at the entrance to the woodwork and tin walls and ceilings. I love how comfortable you feel when you walk through the door. This is the perfect type of atmosphere to roll up your sleeves and dig into a juicy burger served in an authentic hubcap or to devour some finger lickin’ wings or ribs!

The hubs and I met up with our friends to have a second go at this restaurant because we enjoyed it so much the first time we ate there. To our surprise, Thursday’s is WING NIGHT! Right up our alley! So of course we ordered wings! First we started out with a flight of beers. Taste testing 4 different kinds… I loved them all. After listening to all the appetizer specials they offered we decided to skip ordering a meal and stick with “pickin’s” (my families coined term for appetizers or tappas). We ordered the steamers with parsley and hot butter sauce and the homemade pretzels wrapped with bacon with spicy brown mustard… OMG! So FREAKIN’ GOOD!

I would definitely recommend you check out their website for some great deals and specials The PourHouse offer… from 25% happy hour drinks, to trivia night, to karaoke and dance parties, and of course live entertainment… The PourHouse has something for everyone!










the tasti life ❤

COSTA RICA! PURA VIDA!! (meaning Pure Life or Full of Life) and that is not an understatement!! 🙂

My trip to Costa Rica with the Hubs was nothing short of amazing! We ate some delicious food throughout our trip. The food is so fresh and all of the food is locally grown and organic!! YUMMY!!! I ate a lot of rice and beans and am actually going through withdrawal now! 🙂 The fish was so fresh and the beef was fantastic. I loved the local salsa so much that I bought some home as well as the dark roasted coffee… PERFECTO!

Check out some of the amazing dishes we ate throughout our week:


Grilled pineapple salad with tofu.


Grilled fish and shrimp with capers


Fried egg, avocado, rice and beans, beef with peppers, and fried plantains


Imperial- The Beer of Costa Rica


Hearts of Palm salad with tomato and mozzarella


Pool side tortillas, queso, and salsa


Refreshing cabbage and cilantro lime salad with fried yucca and grilled beef


Grilled steak over hearts of palm, cabbage and pineapple slaw with parsley butter


Costa Rican mixed grill (steak, pork, sausage) on skewer with baked potato


Beef and pork empanadas- corn and black bean salsa with spicy corn bread


Grilled Salmon with a balsamic grilled tomato and fried yucca with a creamy cilantro sauce


Grilled steak with a grilled tomato in a sweet and spicy mushroom sauce


Parsley, cilantro, and peanut salad with grilled chicken and balsamic drizzle


Traditional Costa Rican beef and corn soup


Grilled Mahi Mahi with grilled pineapple and pepper glaze with black beans and vinegar salad


Not only was the food local, fresh and delicious but it was presented artistically at every meal! Hope you are as hungry as I am now! 🙂

Until next time,


the tasti life ❤





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