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COSTA RICA! PURA VIDA!! (meaning Pure Life or Full of Life) and that is not an understatement!! 🙂

My trip to Costa Rica with the Hubs was nothing short of amazing! We ate some delicious food throughout our trip. The food is so fresh and all of the food is locally grown and organic!! YUMMY!!! I ate a lot of rice and beans and am actually going through withdrawal now! 🙂 The fish was so fresh and the beef was fantastic. I loved the local salsa so much that I bought some home as well as the dark roasted coffee… PERFECTO!

Check out some of the amazing dishes we ate throughout our week:


Grilled pineapple salad with tofu.


Grilled fish and shrimp with capers


Fried egg, avocado, rice and beans, beef with peppers, and fried plantains


Imperial- The Beer of Costa Rica


Hearts of Palm salad with tomato and mozzarella


Pool side tortillas, queso, and salsa


Refreshing cabbage and cilantro lime salad with fried yucca and grilled beef


Grilled steak over hearts of palm, cabbage and pineapple slaw with parsley butter


Costa Rican mixed grill (steak, pork, sausage) on skewer with baked potato


Beef and pork empanadas- corn and black bean salsa with spicy corn bread


Grilled Salmon with a balsamic grilled tomato and fried yucca with a creamy cilantro sauce


Grilled steak with a grilled tomato in a sweet and spicy mushroom sauce


Parsley, cilantro, and peanut salad with grilled chicken and balsamic drizzle


Traditional Costa Rican beef and corn soup


Grilled Mahi Mahi with grilled pineapple and pepper glaze with black beans and vinegar salad


Not only was the food local, fresh and delicious but it was presented artistically at every meal! Hope you are as hungry as I am now! 🙂

Until next time,


the tasti life ❤





Tonight there was no ordering off a menu or having to tip. I am feeling very domesticated weird! Not really, I just think I should get a super wife award for cooking a kick ass dinner.
I planned our meal in advance- which makes cooking dinner so much easier after a loooong hectic day in the classroom.
So, what was on the menu tonight? I know your dying to know
Garlic herb pork tenderloin with tomatoes, carrots, onions, and peppers. With a side of delicious and protein packed quinoa blend with brown rice!!! So good!
I would give you a step by step recipe… But that wouldn’t be me because I never follow them. I like to cook by taste and smell and sight. A total sensory experience…
Recipes actually make me anxious. Did I use the tablespoon or the teaspoon?!? Did I give a pinch of salt…?!? You get the gist of it.
Anyway I searched the fridge and freezer and this was created for dinner:








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