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I’d like to think of myself as a good cook. The hubs and I are also trying to eat more at home and make some use out of our new kitchen. (Don’t worry we still go out at LEAST 2x per week- and we do have a night out planned for Thursday). With that said last week I decided to play housewife and prepare a home cooked meal that I knew the hubs would LOVE.
I started with a loin of pork that was seasoned with honey, cinnamon, and a hint of hot sauce for a little kick.
Next, I cut up 3 large apples and added a touch of cinnamon sugar.
After that, I threw that baby in the oven.
While the pork was baking, I decided to whip up some homemade mashed potatoes. I used red skinned potatoes, crushed garlic cloves, real unsalted butter, organic milk, and of course CHEESE!!! The whole meal prep and cooking time took a whopping 45min. and the results were delicious!





I love experimenting with food and this dinner turned out great, but I am sure the next time I make it- it will turn out differently. Who needs recipes! 😛

the tasti life

Last week the Hubs and I went out for an early happy hour tour. We decided to cut our bar hoping adventures short after having a delicious french onion soup and a Guinness at a local Irish Pub. Instead we decided to enjoy the beautiful weather and sights that downtown Main Street has to offer. Come along for the tour!










It is so nice to explore what your own small town or big city has going on! Now that summer is around the corner I can’t wait for all the food, music, and craft festivals and activities that our community has to offer! 🙂

Until next time,


the tasti life

Hello out there my fellow food loving readers and bloggers. I apologize for not blogging in awhile. But don’t you worry while I was absent in the blogging world I didn’t go hungry in the real world. just because I wasn’t blogging doesn’t mean I wasn’t eating
This post is from a dinner I made a couple weeks ago and I was inspired by looking through a take out menu.

Take out is always fun and relaxing. But recently I have been feeling more a bit domesticated and decided to do my own take on Asian. Yes, I cooked and pigs didn’t go flying around like the hubs said they would.
I would have to say Asian and Asian fusion type restaurants are the hubs favorite so when I told him we were having Chinese for dinner he was very excited until he saw me take out the pots and pans.
I would like to say that cooking a take out inspired dinner was a delectable decision.







Until next time,
the tasti life

Delicious is an understatement. For our wedding, friends of ours made us a case of home brewed beer called White Wedding. They have their own little self made home brewery just outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania. They call themselves Blue Husky Brewing Company. Let me tell you they are talented! White Wedding is a dark beer that was Guinness inspired (for moi) and fermented with vanilla beans and aged with Jack Daniels single barrel bourbon (for the Mr.). Everything that the hubs and I love!!! 🙂





the tasti life

Tonight there was no ordering off a menu or having to tip. I am feeling very domesticated weird! Not really, I just think I should get a super wife award for cooking a kick ass dinner.
I planned our meal in advance- which makes cooking dinner so much easier after a loooong hectic day in the classroom.
So, what was on the menu tonight? I know your dying to know
Garlic herb pork tenderloin with tomatoes, carrots, onions, and peppers. With a side of delicious and protein packed quinoa blend with brown rice!!! So good!
I would give you a step by step recipe… But that wouldn’t be me because I never follow them. I like to cook by taste and smell and sight. A total sensory experience…
Recipes actually make me anxious. Did I use the tablespoon or the teaspoon?!? Did I give a pinch of salt…?!? You get the gist of it.
Anyway I searched the fridge and freezer and this was created for dinner:








the tasti life

Last week, the Man and I met up with a friend to sit at the bar at Maritas Cantina located off of Main Street in Stroudsburg. We decided to order a few drinks and catch up with our friend over some warm crispy tortilla chips and freshly made salsas. (MY FAVORITE!!!- In our house chips and salsa is a STAPLE food supply and sometimes a meal! LOL) The drinks were cold and strong… just what I needed after a busy day at work. I ordered a Skinny Margarita that was made with agave nectar tequila (my personal fav.) If you are a tequila drinker like myself try this stuff… Milagro Tequila… its delish! It was also made with fresh lime juice, fresh orange juice, a lime wedge, and of course a salted rim! SOO GOOD and less calories/bitter taste then those pre-made mixes. YUCK! After devouring 2 baskets of chips we decided to order our dinner. We sat at the bar and ate which I enjoyed. I ordered the pinto bean burrito… it was so good, but after eating so many chips I only ate half. (don’t worry I enjoyed my left-overs the next day for lunch-while making co-workers mouths water!)

The food at Marita’s is always good and I love how you get an endless amount of chips and salsa while you are there. (Like I said, I often can make that a meal!) I also love how reasonably priced their menu is. My burrito cost me a whopping $6.95!!! You can’t beat that price at a chain like Moe’s or Holy Guacamole… the service is usually decent, my only downer is the atmosphere isn’t reminiscent of what a Mexican restaurant should be… I actually miss the decor of what the OLD Marita’s Cantina looked like.

With that said, Marita’s is actually one of those go to restaurants that the Hubs and I frequent often… I would definitely recommend it to someone who is looking for some savory and spicy food and for a good time at the bar. *** Marita’s has $0.50 beer specials on Friday and Saturday nights from 10-2am… come on people you can’t beat that anywhere!!!!!






the tasti life

A couple nights ago we had a savory dinning experience at Fume Asian Grill. Located in Stroudsburg off of North 9th Street. Fume’s food is always artfully prepared only using the freshest ingredients and an authentic inspired atmosphere. Your food comes out looking so beautiful that you can tell it was handcrafted just for you.

Also, if you are looking for a new Asian dinning experience, Fume offers coupons on their website so you can try some fresh and delicious food while getting a good deal! (Which I know always makes everyone happy!!!) 🙂

Fume Asian Grill was also awarded, The 2013 Greatest Around the Pocono’s award and is a Candidate For The TOP 100 Chinese Restaurants!!!

If you want a new twist on Asian food and sushi that offers fresh, clean, and natural ingredients grab some friends and check out Fume Asian Grill. With a group of 6 or more you can sit at a private table on cushions for an authentic dinning experience!







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